CEOlab provides CEO’s of scaleup companies  online mentoring to break through plateaus and resolve the multitude of issues that accompany growth. CEO decision-making  in scaleup companies gets complicated—fast. The number of issues the CEO has to address increases exponentially with growth.

Scaleup companies rarely have a complete executive staff. The CEO defaults to being the lone person responsible for nearly all important company decisions. However, the CEO often doesn’t have experience dealing with new kinds of issues that come up.

CEOlab applies Lean principles and practices to business problem-solving.  The objective of this track is for the CEO to learn and practice new strategic and analytical skills that will help in making critical decisions more quickly and  confidently.

This is a practical exercise. Each CEO will learn the necessary skills by focusing on issues specific to his or her company. In this track the CEO learns and practices how to:

  • Identify and prioritize the challenges holding the company back
  • Clarify which issues are “causes” and which are simply “symptoms.”
  • Determine the “root cause” of the symptoms the CEO sees
  • Quantify risk-reward of potential ways to address root causes
  • Select a candidate issue with the best risk-reward metrics
  • Construct a theory about what might improve root causes
  • Design a Minimally Viable Experiment (MVE) to test assumptions
  • Execute the MVE and track and report data
  • Determine whether MVE results justify continued investment

The data from the MVE will provide valuable information in three critical areas of inquiry:

1. Does the MVE confirm current assumptions and beliefs about the proposed solution improving the identified problem? Or is something else going on?

2. Is there enough supporting evidence from the MVE to justify applying additional resources to address the problem in the manner selected to address it?

3. Is it the right problem? Is it the right solution?

CEOlab is a three-month program delivered entirely online in a group setting. This includes content, tools, and live one-on-one and group guidance from experienced CEO mentors.

You can review the syllabus of this track here.