Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Providing our service online has three primary benefits:

  1. Access to world-class mentoring is not limited by company location
  2. CEO’s find it convenient because they can participate from anywhere
  3. It eliminates travel, which saves time and money

People are beginning to understand how effective online delivery of services like this can be with today’s technology. The key to making online mentoring effective is to have a proven, repeatable process with a framework and tools to support it. Then it’s a matter of adapting and enhancing these to an online setting.

Yes, for the vast majority of scaleup company CEO’s. I can even be more effective with a well-designed program because group mentoring gives CEO’s the chance to learn and practice new problem-solving and analytical skills with other CEO’s who have similar issues.

It also gives them the opportunity to get peer feedback on their own ideas and approaches. Most important, group mentoring is much more affordable for smaller companies, costing a fraction of one-on-one mentoring.

Your time commitment will vary with the track you participate in. (See Tracks.)

As an example, our three-month program, CEOlab,  requires your participation in small group online video conferences with your mentor and other CEO’s for one regularly-scheduled hour per week.

These are interactive working sessions that will require some weekly preparation on your part. Weekly reparation time required for each session will vary depending on the nature of the assignment.

Some assignments are best completed in group or individual discussions with key members of your management team. CEO’s find this some of the most valuable time they spend on the program.

Lean is a well-developed set of principles and practices with proven success at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes across industries and practice areas. It also contains powerful tools for troubleshooting business problems and developing lasting solutions.
Lean became popular for CEO-level problem-solving with the introduction of the methodology—and book—The Lean Startup. Mentorley is a novel application of these same Lean principles and practices  to the unique challenges of post-startup companies: scaleup companies.
You can read a much longer explanation and background on Lean and how Mentorley evolved here.

A recurring monthly membership fee of $497.00 (U.S.) provides single CEO access* to all available Mentorley tracks and services. Members can enroll in any available track they qualify for (if prerequisites apply), but may enroll in only one track at a time. 

You can cancel your membership at any time before the first day of the following month to avoid additional charges.

*Each CEO member will be asked to designate a member of his or her executive team to be a “backup.” This backup member will have qualified access to the same services as the CEO at no additional charge.

We do not offer a free trial. However, new members can try the service for up to two group sessions without risk. If a new member then decides for whatever reason that Mentorley is not a fit for them, they can cancel their subscription before the scheduled date of their third session and get a full refund of their first month payment.