The Lean Operating System​

The Lean Operating System (LOS) track provides CEO’s of scaleup companies  online mentoring to understand how Lean principles and practices can apply to a wide range of functional areas in their organizations. Before CEOlab was developed specifically to help CEO’s develop analytical and decision-making skills, Lean had been used for decades to improve performance and efficiencies in a wide range of business applications.

However, the application of Lean principles and practices as a management operating system for companies has been largely a home-grown effort limited to select set of major corporate entities. Scaleup companies have not had access to these advanced management tools to grow their companies.

Now the LOS track brings a practical, process-oriented experience that gives CEO’s of scaleup companies the opportunity to understand how Lean can be used in additional places in their organization to improve efficiency and effectiveness. And across the organization to align critical business functions on common company goals.

CEO’s who participate in this track will be able to investigate, assess, and test the potential for applying Lean to their unique business functions.

In this track the CEO learns and practices how to:

  • Identify and prioritize functional improvement opportunities
  • Assess the risk-reward profile of each candidate opportunity
  • Commission a small project  to test viability for applying Lean
  • Develop and track KPI’s to determine success
  • Estimate what the ROI profile looks like

The data from the test project will provide valuable information in three critical areas of inquiry:

1. Does the data support an indication that the application of Lean has a significant impact on KPI’s?

2. Are there new issues that surfaced during the test that affect the risk-reward relationship or the expected ROI?

3. Does the functional area under test still look like the best place to invest company resources in Lean improvement activities?

LOS is an ongoing monthly program that is responsive to the special requirements of client companies. It is delivered entirely online in a group setting. It includes content, tools, and live one-on-one and group guidance from experienced CEO mentors.

Completion of CEOlab track is a prerequisite to join the LOS track.