Emerging from CV-19

The Emerging from CV-19 track provides CEO’s of small companies  online mentoring to sort through and select from a number of potential options available to get the company on a profitable growth track in these uncertain times. Most small company CEO’s have seen their limited resources and margin for error greatly diminish over the last several months.

Markets have changed. Customer priorities have changed. What clients thought was valuable several months ago might not be so valuable to them now. Almost across the board, risk tolerance among buyers is lower than it was before. Simply restarting last quarter’s strategy may not be enough.

Ironically, even with all the unknowns, most CEO’s don’t have the luxury of waiting it out until the best path is clear.  They have to be make choices among a potentially large set of options for growth. They have to make decisions about company direction and resource allocation.  Defaulting to yesterday’s game plan could turn out to be the most risky approach of all.

The Emerging from CV-19 track adapts Lean principles and practices used to create CEOlab to help CEO’s with this new, contemporary challenge.  The objective of this track is for the CEO to learn and practice new strategic and analytical skills to make these critical decisions more quickly and  confidently.

This is a practical program. Each CEO will learn the necessary skills by focusing on growth opportunities specific to his or her company.

In this track the CEO learns and practices how to:

  • Identify and prioritize the current growth opportunities
  • Quantify the risk-reward profile of potential ways to grow
  • Select a candidate market approach with the best risk-reward
  • Establish minimal ROI metrics that have to be met
  • Design a Minimally Viable Experiment (MVE) to test all assumptions
  • Execute the MVE and track and report data
  • Determine from MVE results whether strategy is working

The data from the MVE will provide valuable information in three critical areas of inquiry:

1. Does the MVE confirm current assumptions and beliefs about the returns on proposed go-to-market approach? Are there surprises or new information?

2. Is there enough supporting evidence from the MVE to justify applying additional resources to the strategy?

3. Are we working on the right problem? Do we have the right solution?

The Emerging from CV-19 track is a three-month program entirely delivered online in a group setting. This includes content, tools, and live one-on-one and group guidance from experienced CEO mentors.